Brother Jefte Quian, VGR Distributor in Chile, has stood the test of adversity. About a year ago, one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history rocked his hometown of Penco, Chile. We were all with him in prayer as he stood guard over his family and home from marauding bandits, and then braved the perils of lawlessness while delivering food and water to believers in need until the country recovered.

Today, the Quian family is again battling against the enemy, and Brother Jefte asks for the prayers of the Bride of Christ.

We are going through a difficult time here in the family, and we ask for your prayers for us.

Our eldest daughter Claudia (15) started feeling some pain in her spine on Friday morning; we told her to lay down for a while. She did and then in the afternoon she said she could not feel her right arm. We prayed for her and she rested for the rest of the day. On Saturday morning she was not feeling her left leg and both arms were paralyzed. Even then we thought this was not serious as she had no fever and no pain at all; only the numb feeling. Then on Saturday evening she said arms and legs were completely insensitive and paralyzed. We took her to the closest hospital and they said this was a sort of anxiety and nervousness fit that triggered this state. The doctor said she would be fine the next day. Today, in the morning, Claudia was all numb and had problems breathing and completely paralyzed from the neck down. We took her to the clinic and specialists looked her case. They took some blood tests, reflex procedures and told us she has the Guillain-Barre syndrome and took her immediately to the Intensive Care Unit. They said she could have a respiratory failure at any moment in which case they would have to connect her to a breathing machine. The doctor said these next 72 hours are the most important in the treatment of this rare disease.

We prayed after we got home and I told the family we need to be strong and believe in the healing power of our God. This test is difficult but the Lord is certainly with Claudia and us as He promised in His Word that He would do it. I believe with all my heart for her recovery and I trust in His grace for my daughter at this time. All is well.

Please remember us in your prayers at this time.


Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare, dangerous disease that causes respiratory failure and can result in permanent paralysis. Medicine has no cure for this disease, but the doctors are doing their best to treat Sister Claudia and reduce her symptoms until the Lord Jesus heals her. Please keep the Quian family in your prayers.

And then, if maybe a million and a half or two million people praying at one time for each other, something's just got to happen. God just is bound to hear that.

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