Good News From The Quian Family

Dear brothers and sisters:

I would like to thank each and everyone of you that took our burden as your own in prayer to our Lord Jesus for our daughter Claudia.

The final tests, MRI’s and examinations were taken over the weekend and found that she had an individual case of Transverse Myelitis. All chances of Multiple Sclerosis, meningitis and lupus were overruled and she received a 48-hour treatment for the specific illness.

Once again, we saw the mighty hand of the Lord doing battle for us, and she started recovering in an unusual and incredible way to the doctors. The movement in both of her arms is almost normal, and she can raise her hands in praise. How we cried when she did this before us! The hands are still a little numb and without strength. Her left leg has shown a great improvement, and she even stood on it for one examination. The right leg is completely paralyzed and seems to be the greatest goal to achieve in the next days.

Yesterday, Claudia was taken from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular clinic room and the neurologist was astonished to see her picking up the fork and managing to eat by herself. He said that the recovery for Transverse Myelitis is measured in months and years, not in days and weeks as Claudia is doing it. He said that should she continue at this pace, she could be released from hospital next week, as the medical treatment has finished and then continue for a six month therapy to regain full control of her limbs.

The doctor told us that he thought, off the record, that she could be back to normal in two to four months. He said this would be the first case with such a fast recovery for Myelitis that he had seen in his life.

I really have to give all the glory and all the credit, first to the amazing grace of the Lord and the prayers of hundred and maybe thousands of saints lifting their voices for our daughter. We have no words to thank you enough for your love and concern in the form of your prayers, email, telephone calls and letters encouraging us in this trial. We love you all in Christ Jesus!

God bless you!

Jefte and Claudia Quian

P.S. As strange as it may seem, right at this time and in the middle of this situation we are going through, we had an earthquake, 7.0 Richter scale, with its epicenter in Concepcion right under us. It was the strongest earthquake since the one on February 27 last year, and brought back the memories of last year. By God’s grace there were no damages and not even the electricity, telephone service or water supply failed this time. Everything was shaken and people ran to the hills fearing a tsunami coming to the coasts again.

There is a feeling of uncertainty everywhere because there have been 48 tremors and earthquakes in the last 72 hours from 5 to 6.9 Richter scale. We continue trusting in the Lord and His loving care for us. Please keep all the believers in the Eighth Region of Chile in your prayers at this time. God bless you!

We are going through a difficult time here in the family, and we ask for your prayers for us.