A few weeks ago fifteen year-old Claudia, the eldest child of Brother Jefte Quian – VGR distributor in Chile, started feeling numbness in different parts of her body. She quickly lost movement in her limbs and was having trouble breathing. Brother Jefte brought his daughter to the hospital, where she was diagnose with Transverse Myelitis. Often, this disease results in permanent paralysis. There is no cure, but the patients that recover usually take months or years.

Thanks to our Lord Jesus and the prayers of the Bride of Christ around the world, young Claudia is defying the odds and recovering quickly. This is Brother Jefte's most recent report.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I am so happy, and so grateful to the Lord Jesus and you all, to inform that our daughter Claudia was released from the hospital during this past weekend. What a joy it was to see her coming back home already free from all probes, needles and machines that were her companions for almost three weeks. The doctors were amazed to see her quick recovery, and this will set precedents on the treatment for Transverse Myelitis in the future, according to them.

She will be having therapy to regain full strength of her muscles for the next six months. Her hands are still weak and her right leg paralyzed. She was discouraged a few days ago to see the condition of her leg but then, after a few hours, she told me, "Dad, I am so grateful to God that I can move my left leg that help me move and even stand up during the daily exercises." The Lord is good and everything He does is good.

She did not want to miss the service on Sunday morning so she was there in a wheelchair but appreciated so much to have the chance to listen to the Word, worship and see the believers once again. She told me it was the greatest service of her life. She thought she would never see the tabernacle again during those dark hours in the ICU.

We know it was the hand of the Lord and your many faithful prayers that went up to the Throne of God that did the work. Once again, I want to praise the Lord Jesus for His love and care for my daughter at this time. We love you all, dear friends!God bless you!

Jefte and Claudia Quian