Faith Builder

Most of us have times in our past that we remember when our faith needed a little boost. This sister from Kenya and her daughter had a special experience that they will never forget, and they wanted to share it with all of us.

After reading testimonies from believers, I always feel so encouraged to press on and my faith in God is lifted. I also feel I should share my testimony with you.

It was last year, 2010, in September when schools open after August Holidays. During the last one week of August my daughter, age 8 years, was down with chicken pox as there was an outbreak in Nairobi. They were supposed to go back to school early September. She was unable to report the first week. She reported back to school during the second week on Monday but still on painkillers. That same Monday in the evening, I came home from work and met my daughter playing with other kids from our neighborhood.

After a short while she came to me unable to talk, pointing her lower lip. The lip was badly severed. It was badly hit by the wall of the house as they played. There were several cuts both inside the mouth and outside, and it was badly swollen. I told my daughter that was what the devil could do, but if only she could believe, God would heal her. I asked her, "Do you believe that Jesus is going to heal you?" She nodded to say "Yes."

I just said, "Lord all things are possible with You. Please Lord heal my daughter so she can be able to go to school." When we opened our eyes, she rushed to the mirror to see what had happened, because she told me while we prayed she felt soft hands touching her lip, and she wanted to see what those hands were doing. God had healed her instantly! Not even a trace of blood was seen and no pain at all. We thanked the Lord for the healing.

When she went out again to play, the kids they were playing with were so shocked that they stared at her in amazement, wondering what had taken place.

From then, whenever we pray for anything, I refer my daughter to that healing and her faith in God is always lifted.

Just simple faith works wonders. Just have faith in God; all things are possible.

Sister from Nairobi – Kenya