We received this testimony from a sister in the Republic of Congo, who was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Dispite her fears, her husband encouraged her, "Everything will be fine." It wasn't long before she was praising the Lord in the hospital room.

I would like to testify of what God did for me.

In May 2008, I felt a terrible pain in my left clavicle. I went to see a doctor on May 28, 2008, at the General Hospital of Loandjili, in Pointe-Noire. I saw a family doctor, who asked for an X-ray of my thorax.

After the examination, the doctor saw that I had a heart problem, "a big heart." My heart had swelled. The doctor sent me to a heart specialist, a cardiologist. This specialist gave me an electrocardiogram. This test did confirm that I had "a big heart."

I was crying when I heard the cardiologist confirm this condition, a demon of "big heart." I quickly went to see my husband in his service to tell him about the tests.

He told me: "Don't cry, Jesus Christ our God will heal you. Tonight, after the service, the pastor will pray for you and you will be healed. Have faith, everything will be fine." These words of faith encouraged me and put my mind at rest.

After the service, we met our pastor, who prayed a prayer of faith to our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and then we went out of his office.

A week after, on June 7, 2008, I went back to the Hospital for my appointment with the cardiologist, and I had another X-ray of my thorax. The doctor noticed my heart had become less swollen (from 58o to 57o).

I went for another X-ray a month later, and my heart was better again (from 57o to 54o). I went for another X-ray on October 14, 2008, and my heart was now at 50o, which is the normal size.

The doctor exclaimed with a loud voice, so much that the patients in his office and those outside could hear what he said: "Where do you pray?"

I said: "I am a Christian, member of the church of the Living God, and its prophet is W.M. Branham."

He said: "Go and testify of your God, because the medicines cannot give this result in such a short time. Only God can do such things. Here are patients that have been here for 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. Their condition doesn't change favorably. It's God who healed you."

Brothers and sisters, in his office, I jumped, screamed, praised my God. The other patients were looking at me dumbfounded.

I had a last X-ray on May 25, 2010, and the doctor said that my "heart degree is still at 50o since October 14, 2008. You are completely and perfectly healed. Your heart is younger than before. Go and testify that your God healed you." I testified this to my church, Bible Tabernacle in Pointe-Noire.

I thank my God with all my heart for this miraculous healing. May His holy Name be praised, blessed and glorified forever and ever.

Sister Marianne

Pointe-Noire, Rep. of Congo

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