The Written Word

We print millions of tracts every year here at VGR. Some of those tracts are a simple piece of paper folded twice, with a title at the top, and Brother Branham's words on the inside. Others are booklet size, with a nice cover to attract attention and plenty of reading inside. They are inexpensive for us to print, and they fit right in your shirt pocket where many of the missionaries carry them. Thousands of people around the world have found Brother Branham's Message by these tracts as you will read from Brother Arthur Vass, VGR Office Manager in Namibia.

I have a bit of good news for you this morning. We have always been wondering about all the books we put at the hospital. Brother Marius goes three times a week to the hospitals, clinics, and the train station to go place free books and the available tracts we have there for the sick and needy who look for a bit of encouragement. What we wondered was: Do people really read these books? Is it an effective way of spreading the Gospel?

Sometimes you talk to believers and then they say Brother Branham said God did not send us to hand out tracts but to preach the Gospel. And then you wonder: but Brother Branham himself did preach the Gospel and books of his preaching of the Gospel are being handed out to people. Would it then be wrong to do it? And what else can we do who are often ineffective preachers?

I can't get anyone to listen to me, but I know many people did listen to Brother Branham and what he preached is now just in written form. And what else can we do as librarians but to spread that Message and hope people read it. I myself only needed to read one tract of Brother Branham to be convinced that the man was a prophet, and that brought me to the Message. I was studying prophecies because I just came to the Lord and had an interest in it. At that time I was overwhelmed by his prophetic works. If it wasn't for that tract, I would not have been here. I later found out there was much more than prophesy in those books and now I can't stop listening to the Message.

Whenever I go low on oil, I just have to fill up. Brother Branham is like an oil jar to me. His shear preaching uplifts a barren oil jar. I get drunk [spiritually] on his preaching. I literally act funny sometimes. I would get excited and get emotional just like a drunk person.

This morning a lady who owns a butcher shop called us and asked whether she can help distribute these books and tracts. According to her observation at the hospital the people are really interested and they do take those books, and she wants to put it in her shop also. So it does work in spite of all the criticism.