Both Great And Small

It's not always parting the Red Sea or healing the lepers. God is always working with His children, whether it be healing a deadly disease or, in this case, getting rid of a potentially dangerous fish bone.

This is just a little testimony. I pray it raises your faith.

God works in small ways to get us to trust in Him. A few months ago, we were having dinner and my mom accidentally got a fish bone stuck in her throat. We tried to get her to swallow it, but she felt it was still there.

We went to see the doctor the next day. The doctor suspected enlarged tonsils. They scanned her throat and it showed a large needle-like structure on the side. We concluded it was the fish bone. The doctor suggested she get it removed.

We called our brother in Christ who has the gift of faith to pray for her. He prayed that God should remove the fish bone. Since we'd already scheduled with the doctor, my mom went into the operating room to get the fish bone removed.

Sometimes God uses situations to increase our faith and trust in Him. The doctor put her under anesthesia and, to his surprise, he found nothing! No fish bone! Not even the tonsils that he had suspected.

God works in mysterious ways! I know He removed that fish bone or whatever it was in my mom's throat.

Believe Him with ALL your heart and He will do the same for you. It doesn't matter what form of sickness or disease. Whether cancer, asthma, tumors, whatever it is, God can remove it and heal your body. All you have to do is believe. Amen. I hope this little testimony has raised your faith. Do not fear, no matter what the doctor says, God is the Chief Surgeon. Amen!

Sister in Malawi

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