The Tutor

We received the following testimony of a brother from Ghana who did his best to get through the immigration procedures to move to the United States, but one very important thing slowed him down: He didn't know his birthday. The Lord made a way to get past the birthdate requirement and then get him to the exam. As you will read, he got a little help on that one too.

My name is Forster, a Ghanaian by birth, from West Africa, but living in America through the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ. Before I was to come here, I needed to go through the interview processes in the American Embassy, Ghana. My parents are not educated people and that they did not have any trace of my birth date. So throughout my education, I landed myself in problems by using three different dates of birth.

I was only a child and knew nothing about importance of date of birth. This became a great obstacle to me. The interviewers with the embassy were not allowing anybody with birth date problems to get a visa. I went twice, but to my surprise, I was not rejected. They only gave me the appointment date for my last interview.

The night before my final interview, I had a dream. In the dream, I was thinking about how exactly the interview was going to be for me. Suddenly, a man entered the room without opening the door. He was dressed in a coat up and down, and immediately, he started teaching me in English grammar: active and passive sentences. He asked me to repeat those sentences to his hearing. He again taught me the components of teacher's lesson notes. After that, he walked through the walls again, just as he came. I opened the door to thank him but I could not see him. It was there I woke up before I knew that I was dreaming.

That morning, I told my Christian brother the exact dream before going to the embassy for the last time. During the process of my interview, the officer asked me, "Differentiate between active and passive sentences and give examples." I only repeated what I was taught in the dream. The officer again asked me "Talk about lesson notes." I repeated the second lesson in the dream. After that, the visa that will qualify me as American resident was handed to me.

The Message books that helped me in the battle are: Looking At The Unseen, The Greatest Battle Ever Fought, and reading of instructions in the Bible coupled with persistent prayer.

I believe that this Message is the continuity of the Book of Acts…