After listening to Stories by William Branham last night, I felt to write this testimony of how God saved my little dog.

The dog and I were taking a walk behind my place in Canada. We were about 400 meters away from home and I kept looking behind me to see "Cookie" hopping in six or so inches of snow behind me. I took my eyes off him for just a few seconds, and turned around, no Cookie. I yelled his name three times no dog, then I heard a terrifying yelp. I knew a trap had caught him. I ran in the direction of the sound and found him with his neck caught in a trap used for beavers and raccoons. I ran to his side, but by that time, the life was pouring out of his mouth and he wasn't moving. I just barely found a sign of life.

The trap had large springs on both sides and I couldn't squeeze it open. I prayed a short prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and had to put my faith in action. I ran the 400 meters to my house with this trap shut with just an inch of gap between the jaws, all the time saying, "It's going to be OK."

I yelled for my wife to get the battery for my saw, and we immediately cut both springs off and freed Cookie. One hour later, he was walking with a bad limp, but a few more hours and he was fine. A week later, the whites of his eyes had returned to normal from all the broken veins. Now he is back to his old self, wanting me to play with his stuffed toys.

The wardens had to come and check the trap and make sure that everything was legal. They both said the Lord was merciful and that it was nothing but a miracle that saved Cookie's life.

I have heard Bro. Branham speak of the opossum and that Jesus cares for little animals. I thank Him for sparing Cookie's life.

A believer,

Brother Don, Canada