Carpal Tunnel

I have suffered with the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome since my teenage years. I would often wake up in the night with my hands completely numb and would have to hang my arms over the side of the bed to get circulation back into them. For thirty years, I suffered with this ailment and learned to live with the situation that I often could not feel the object in my hand whether it was a hammer, screwdriver or pencil. In the last few years, it has gotten worse and I could only sleep two to three hours at night before the pain was so intense that I could not sleep and would have to sit on the side of my bed, trying to get relief. I had been to doctors who had not been able to help me. I knew there was an operation to open the carpal tunnels, but I did not want to go that route. I had prayed before and claimed healing but the pain continued, until just recently.

I was speaking with a precious brother and pastor in France who I knew the Lord had used in great ways and asked him to pray for me. He did, and then told me to call for a brother who was going through school to become a massage therapist. He would come and provide me with some therapy. Well the brother came and worked on my back and shoulders for three "painful" days, but praise the Lord! I have been totally delivered from my pain and symptoms. I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for having mercy upon me and delivering me from this pain, from which I suffered so long.

God's richest blessing, your brother in the Lord,


Ontario, Canada