We pray, God, that while You're looking down tonight, that You will remember us. Let Thy grace rest upon each of us. Desperately in need of Thy Spirit, we would pray for mercy for the sinner, the unbeliever, for those who are--have wearied themselves away from the house of God. May they wind their way back tonight.

58-0208 The Queen Of The South


Does God still answer prayer? Yes, He most certainly does! If you read this website very often, then you will see that prayers get answered every day. And who better to offer prayer before the Lord than His Bride? We should thank Him every hour for lending us His ear so often, and we should keep asking because He keeps answering.

The following testimony is from a believer in Kenya who had a co-worker that may not have been a believer, but was desperately in need of a touch from God. As we have come to expect, the prayer was answered.

I wish to share a testimony of how I prayed over an issue at my work place and I saw God change things.

I felt led to pray for a colleague who used to drink alcohol so much such that he didn't look to be himself. He used to come to the office dirty and smelly. I prayed for him and even forgot about it.

Recently I saw him change noticeably that even the other colleagues congratulated him. He married, and is responsible, and doesn't even drink. I thank God and praise His Holy name for that miracle.

That has made me know and believe God more, and that He is able to change situations through prayers when we wait on Him in all situations of our lives. The prophet says that prayer changes death into life, sickness into health, sorrow into joy and much more. Let's wait on Him for He answers prayer and is more than able to make all things beautiful in His time.