Greetings to all you saints in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Whom by His stripes we were all healed. May I share my testimony with you to the glory of the Lord.

I became very sick in August 2010. I went to the lab test, which revealed that I had malaria pos [+], widal test 1/160 significance, my pvc 38. I was 1.8m (5'11") height and my weight was 110 kg (242 lbs) at that time.

My body became grossly weak, in such way that I could not lift a 1.5-liter can of water effectively with my both hands. If I walked without care, I would fall. But in all, the good Lord protected me from sustaining any injury, blessed be His holy Name. Amen.

The more I took drugs, the weaker I became. I went from hospital to hospital to no success. Meanwhile, at that time, I had written three prayer requests, including phone calls to the VGR but I was not focused, so I continued with my drugs. Later I was placed on parenteral injections for what the doctor said was acute plasmodiasis with enteric fever. In each of the treatments, I would repeat a lab test, but it will show same result.

The doctor finally gave up and referred me to the UNTHE (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu ) but at the same time revealed to me that he is the head of the department in the UNTHE that will attend to me. What have I to do when the highest hospital in Nigeria and a senior consultant and head of the department that is supposed to attend to me gave up in his own private hospital, but to turn to the Lord? I said to my wife that Brother Branham said that if we try medicine and it fails, we should come to the Lord Jesus Christ, that He will heal us. But my wife, out of care and fear, insisted that we try once more on one other very old, experienced doctor who has been in practice for over sixty years.

The next day we went to the doctor, who insisted on running afresh the whole lab test. When the results were out, the case was worse than before. He treated me for 10 hours and discharged me to report back the next day. After about 6 hours later, the same day, I felt like I was almost completely cured.

The next day I reported back and was treated for four hours, discharged, and placed on some pills, which I completed all the dosages as prescribed, but at the end I became worse than before. My weight dropped to 85 kg (187 lbs).

At that juncture, I called on my beloved wife and said to her that she can see that the medical science has failed, thus it is the time to turn to the Lord if she still wants me to live and fend for her and the kids. She cried in agony and pleaded once more, but I refused on the ground that it will be better for me to die and meet the Lord with faith on His promise, than for me to die and meet Him with panadol in my mouth, without faith. God forbid. After all, dying is a part of living. To whom else shall we go to but the Lord? If not that, I lose my focus.

I have suffered worse cases than this before, but the Lord healed me without taking any drugs. It is just a test to prove my stand, hence I believe and testify strongly of Divine healing all the time and I became well known for that, but now I failed. I prayed the Lord to forgive me, and I am thankful to Him for chastening me and restoring my focus fully back to Him. Amen.

To cut my long testimony short, I visited our website (branham.org) that sustained me with Life throughout the trial by the Good News, Daily Bread, Quote of the Day, and the whole activities. I read the testimonies of how God healed a sick fish with a prayer cloth, and also how He healed a washing machine with a prayer cloth. At that time I understood that He was talking to me directly. I remembered a prayer cloth the VGR sent to me in the April 2000 when my wife wrote for a prayer request for us. I did not use mine because my zeal was very strong then, but I kept it that some day it will be very useful for me and thank the Lord, this is the day.

So I hurriedly prayed and fixed it as Brother Branham instructed and following the instructions, my case was completely over. Praise the Lord! ONLY BELIEVE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Thanks be to God by His mercy and grace, His divine healing restored my weight to 110 kg (242 lbs). Another amazing thing was that the way my weight dropped was much less compare with the seriousness of the sickness. It is all the amazing grace of God, blessed be His holy Name.

Most of the time it does not take our weak faith, but just to hold on His promise and stand on It, and that settles it.

God richly bless you all for all your prayers and also taking your time to read my long testimony, and please follow me in all your prayers, thanking the Lord for His divine healing on me. Please do not forget that all day long. Shalom.

God bless the VGR, its work, and staff in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God. Amen.


Brother Patrick