The Healer

Testimony from a sister in Quebec.

I would like to confirm that God is in His Word and that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things.

I have in my heart to share with you what the Lord has done for our son Gabriel about three years ago.

Gabriel was in preschool then. That morning I sent him to school as a usual morning, but about one hour later, the school called me and sent him back home with a high fever. I was very concern for him. I gave him meds right away to help the fever to ease up, but nothing worked. He was laying down on the couch falling asleep, then would wake up in convulsions to tell me he loved me, then would pass out again.

So we spent a lot of time in different hospitals and clinics. This was for about three weeks. He was misdiagnosed with different things each time. He ended up with a rash under his feet, on his bums, in the palm of his hands, and wherever he had a rash, his skin pealed off like orange peel. He lost all of his fingernails and toenails. He would lay on the couch quiet, and then suddenly he would cry out. Well, after dealing with different doctors, about two weeks into this disease, I asked our church to pray for him, since the doctors didn't know what was wrong with him.

About one week later, His still, small Voice told me to bring him to a walk-in pediatric clinic, so I did.

When the pediatrician saw him, she told me that she believed he had Kawasaki disease, but she had to confirm it with the head pediatrician of that clinic. They both agreed on the diagnosis, so they explain to me that it was a rare child disease, and if not treated, would damage the heart.

Usually when diagnosed in the early stage, the child is hospitalized and carefully treated for the whole duration of the disease, which is about four weeks, but it had been three weeks since Gabe was sick and he didn't get any treatment.

So from there, they sent us to a university hospital for children in Quebec City. As soon as we got there, they performed an electro-cardiogram and a cardiac ultrasound. While the specialists were consulting each other, Gabe and I were waiting in a small office. I was anxious to know the results. They finally walked in, sat down, and looked at Gabe as he was playing with the little trucks. They looked puzzled, then they finally said that his heart was untouched and it's healthy as ever today.

They didn't understand, but I did! I was bubbling inside because I knew it was God that healed him. His heart should have been seriously damaged, even life-threatening damage.

The next day I received a call from the pediatrician who had seen him the day before. She wanted to know how he was doing. So I told her, and she then proceeded to tell me that I had a strong boy. I told her that he was just a normal boy; God had healed him. God was the one Who looked over him. She started crying and said that she believed it too, because he should have suffered damage from it. Even his blood test came out normal. So she acknowledged that God had control over him.

What made me realize the seriousness of this was when I looked at the news sometime this week, and I read about this lady's story regarding her son who had gotten sick with high fever, and she didn't know what was wrong with him.

She went to the pediatrician office, and while she was there, a friend told her that it sounded like the Kawasaki disease and she should bring him to the hospital right away, so she did and they were right.

Even though they caught the disease at its beginning, it had already reached the heart and the liver. This was the first time I had read and known of anybody else with this disease. It really made me realized how God had healed and protected Gabriel. I praise His Holy Name for what He has done for him. I want to testify about it. If He's done it for my son, He will do it for others.

God bless you!

Sis. Nancy from Canada