When The Truth Comes

When the Message enters a willing heart or even an entire village, things are bound to change. We received this testimony from a brother in Togo, who witnessed both the blessings of receiving the Message and the consequences of persecuting It.

I am called Joshua; I am Togolese. I would like to confirm that God is in His Word and that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things.

It was in 1994 that the Message of Brother Branham reached our small farming area in Togo. Oh, how everyone accepted the Message and the Power of God started manifesting itself. There is no other answer. The village started getting together in prayer and God's Power manifested itself until the infant mortality rate dropped remarkably. Others noticed and would come to the village, and asked what we had done. We would try to tell them about the Message of Jesus Christ, but they would hear nothing of it. They called it an unexplained phenomenon. The power of prayer is strong brothers, even non-believers of the village started coming to the prayer services.

One day Satan, through fear and jealousy, possessed people to burn our tabernacle and severely beat several brothers and sisters. The authorities came to see the village chief and question him on what happen. Our pastor defended the chief, but asked that everyone recognize our freedom of worship. Pastor explained how we are taught to love and pray for everyone, and that we have no desire to see the ones that did us harm punished.

We have continued in the Message of Brother Branham and have grown strong. Everything has been restored and many have come to the knowledge of our prophet of Jesus Christ. Within two years, all who participated in or organized the persecution, have all died. The Word of God is highly respected in these places now.

Joshua, Toga