Asking For A Good Thing

We received this testimony from a sister in Brazil who believed Brother Branham's prayer. He may have asked the Lord for this blessing 46 years ago, but his prayer was answered today.

I am sister Claudia who had the privilege of being born in this Message, and since then, I serve our God. I married, and we had a daughter, and gave her the name Sherom. After the birth of our daughter on Jan 26, 1998, I had a very complicated surgery of burst appendicitis. After that I had another surgery in which I was left with only part of the right side ovary. Some time later I had another surgery to remove the left ovary and the doctors found that my tubes were completely closed due to adherence of the surgeries, and that I could no more get pregnant, but there was a great desire in me and my husband to have more children.

The years passed and I did not get pregnant. I always asked God to give me more children and cried a lot because I was unable.

On May 19, 2010, when I read the message of our prophet William Marrion Branham (Spiritual Food in Due Season), arriving to paragraph 186, which reads: "Well, you're asking for a--a good thing, you want to have a baby. You already had children, couple of children, but you want another one. May God of Heaven grant it to you, my sister. Come here, I just want to lay hands. Dear God, give the woman the desire of her heart, because it's a worthy cause. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

"Now go have the child." (Spiritual Food In Due Season 65-0718e)

I felt a very strong power, an anointing as if the prophet prayed for me. I cried to God and said, "Lord give me a son and I will call him Billy." Nine months passed and on Feb 20, 2011, Billy Emanuel was born, a very strong boy and in perfect health. 
I will be eternally grateful to God for this wonderful gift He gave me and for the fact that this Message remains alive to this day.