Into The Highways And Byways

Brother Nelson Elvir, VGR Assistant Distributor for Central America, is continuing his journey through Central America, delivering the same packages he originally delivered all the churches in Honduras (listed in the March 2009 issue of CTV). This time, he is visiting every Message church in the country of Nicaragua.

Each package contains 95 Spanish-translated sermons on 31 CDs, 1 MP3 player, 425 Message books, 40 bound books, 5 copies of The Mother Opossum in Spanish, 1 bookcase, 1 16x20 framed photo of the Pillar of Fire, and 1 16x20 framed picture of Christ at 33.

The Nicaraguan believers are blessed beyond words, and they send gratitude to the people who have so freely given so they might receive these beautiful gifts for their churches.