The Message Search program (http://branham.org/MessageSearch) on this website is a very popular tool among believers. In fact, it is one of the most commonly visited pages on branham.org, and used by thousands every day. It often seems that the answers to every question are right at your fingertips.

We received the following testimony from a sister in Canada, who found exactly what she was hoping for while using the search program.

I want to share this testimony to the glory of God. I had a baby about four months ago and when the baby was four weeks old, I noticed that he had very dry skin. He had a rash all over his little body. Being hot, I thought, well it's just heat rash. At two months, I took him to the doctor for the checkup, and she told me to buy a certain cream, which I did.

Well, the rash kind of went away but the dry skin remained, such that it would peel and look white all over. Applying cream was like pouring water on desert sand. I tried so many types of creams until, in the end, the baby had hyper-pigmented spots all over the body, and the skin started smelling like burns.

I decided to take him to the walk-in clinic and the doctor said it was eczema, which has not been treated, and she prescribed some creams. When I got home, something told me that now that I knew the type of demon, I could search it out.

So I went to the branham.org search engine and typed in "eczema." There it was in the Message: The Angel Of The Lord (51-0502) preached in L.A. says, "I just touched a little baby with eczema broke out on a rash for God to heal it." I screamed, "Amen! Thank you Jesus." I had the baby in my arms and he was smiling. Well, less than a week and my baby's skin was all clear.

Thanks be to God for providing for all our needs.

Your sister from Canada.