Why Cry? Speak!
We received this testimony from a brother in Rwanda who wanted to take a little quiet timeto devote to the Lord, but the enemy kept putting obstacles in his way. He persisted, and the Lord answered his prayer

One night, I was in a prayer room in our church. Since our church is in a valley close to an airdrome, there was a lot of noise from mosquitoes and cars. I wanted to read the book “Demonology” I had in my hand, but because of that noise, I was taking 10 minutes to read one page. Imagine this demonic atmosphere! I was wondering what I was doing there.

Few days before, I had read the book “Why Cry? Speak!” I suddenly remembered what Brother Branham had said, that we have the power to speak without praying, and if we have perfect faith, it will happen. Then I spoke and said: “You flies and cars, I came here to fellowship with your Creator, therefore I ask for a complete silence in the Name of Jesus.”

Oh, brothers and sisters, within three minutes, there was a peace I had never experienced before! Oh, glory! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Kigali/ Rwanda

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