Quote Of The Day

We received this testimony from a Brazilian brother who was especially blessed by the article about the Quote of the Day, posted on September 7.

The other day I was reading the Quote of the Day and thought how it was so perfect with what I was dealing with that moment, and has been this way every day. The Quote of the Day speaks exactly something I'm thinking about or living, or some revelation when I'm praying.

Then I thought, “How can they find the correct quotes?” After that I went to pray, and God spoke into my heart that the same Holy Spirit that was with Brother Branham, when he preached the messages, is in us and knows exactly what we need to hear at that moment, and He Himself has chosen these quotes for us, showing that He is working in our hearts every day and getting us ready for the rapture, because I believe that rapturing faith is in the messages, I am so happy to be part of it!

May God bless each of you who has worked and had a burden to bring the Word of God to the elect.