The Troublemaker

From the beginning, we have been labeled heretics, fanatics, rebels, oddballs, and even troublemakers. The Pharisees could not understand the Christians two thousand years ago, and neither can the denominations understand us today. What separates us is that we believe every Word written in the Bible.

We received the following letter from a young man in Mexico who never fit in with his church, and neither did his father. A little while ago, Arturo finally found why his dad was labeled a “troublemaker,” and he desires the same Thing in his life.

I am writing to you to obtain some of Brother Branham's messages. I am 35 years old and all my life I have wanted to find a true servant of God, and I believe I have found that person in Brother Branham. I grew up in a Pentecostal church, where I went with my parents. They were strong believers, and my father would read the Bible all the time.

He would often disagree with the elders of the church about how they ran the church and he was considered a troublemaker.

After he died, I found a book he had of Brother Branham and I read it. After reading the book, I understood why my father believed the way he did. How can I obtain some of Brother Branham's books? How much do they cost? May the peace of Christ be with you.


Veracruz, Mexico