Desperate Time

The prison ministry here at VGR is by no means limited to the United States. There are missionaries in almost every country who are actively sending Brother Branham’s Message inside the prison walls. Not only do we send tens of thousands of Message books, but we also send quite a few Bibles. The following is a testimony we received from an inmate in a Mexican prison who found comfort in one of those Bibles.

As you know I am a prisoner in a Federal prison and am unable to prove my innocence, but I trust in Christ and He helps me continue. Here in this prison, I have felt loneliness, tears, and fears, and the more I thought about my condition, the more it tormented me until taking my own life in suicide seemed appealing.

One cold night I felt cornered and could not stand the torment I was feeling. I decided to end my life. I thought about my children and could see them crying, and I thought about my mother. All this could not keep me from going on with my thoughts of suicide.

I was alone in my cell and decided to use one of my sheets to hang myself. I remember running out of air, but just before I passed out, I heard a voice of a man that said, "Son, what are you doing?"

The next thing I remember is that I was in a hospital bed with tubes stuck in my arms and the doctor lecturing me. I asked who was that voice? How did someone save me if I was alone and no one could see me? How I didn't die is a mystery to me.

When I went back to my cell, I found a Bible and I began to read it until something happened to me, and I cried out to God until I felt He heard me. My desire now is to live for Christ and tell others here in the prison about Christ.


Nayarit, Mexico