Report From Malawi

As the hunger for the Word continues to grow in the East-African country of Malawi, so do our efforts to translate and deliver the Message to the people. The following is a report from Brother Saidi (VGR office manager in Blantyre) of a recent trip to help make a way for a little church in the countryside hear the prophet with their own ears. As with each delivery all over the world, the recipients send their gratitude to those who make such sacrifices to see this great work move forward.

Today I visited one of the churches in the remote area. The number of people that listen to tapes is growing rapidly in Malawi. Most of the young believers are benefiting a lot from this set-up, and no wonder most of these young foundations are now on fire, wanting to get the Message of Brother William Branham to the last one.

The picture is showing a group that gathers around a small MP3 player on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Voice Of God Recordings has provided this group with a car battery, solar panel, inverter, MP3 player, and Chichewa MP3 CDs, just to help them enjoy the Message they so much love.

I trust this report will be a blessing to you all.

Thank you and God bless you.

Brother Saidi

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