Letter From Russia

We received this letter from a family in Russia that keeps up with everything VGR does. It was an encouragement to us, and we would like to share it with you.

Dear Brother Joseph and all the VGR staff,

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is such a joy getting letters from you, it is such a support in the way.

Also, it was a joy for us to receive a letter in Russian, from Russian Missionary Department of VGR. When I think of you, I get these letters and go to read them anew. Thank you for all your kind words. It touches my heart and makes me more to love the Word and follow the Word of the Message.

Your letter with the article "Cub Corner" came just in time. We got three children. We speak a lot of the raising of children in these days, when they have to go to school and rub shoulders with this world. Your words in that letter give some courage to us, that if the children act like those Bible heroes, we can feel safe for them. Our children do not want go to bed until there is a Bible story will be read to them. They love those kids' books: The Footprints Of the Prophet and Mother Opossum. When we have read The Footprints Of the Prophet, my daughter, Anna, said that she does not fear the thundering. Also she remembers well that accident of a cow: a cow smashed her feet, and this girl was healed of that (posted on this website: To God First), and she says, "Jesus healed me."

We have a little farm, as it is. It gives some meal for our family, and some income too. We can see the hand of the Lord in life a lot of times. Once we were going to repair our roof. We hired two men, but they were found to be drunkards, so they were unable to come. After that we went to a company, but they said they got a lot of orders, so they cannot help us in that. Having no other choice, we started doing that by ourselves. We found it has taken much longer time than we expected. Our loving Lord gave us some help in that. During all that time while we were working on that roof (three week’s time) there was no rain. Our neighbors were amazed with such nice weather. Rain started a day after we got our roof finished. Glory be to God!

I would like to tell you my thanks for VGR site at the internet. Most of all, we feel thrilled with the prisoners' letters. How that the Message is changing a person's life, and those people long for these sermons. We receive the new Messages from Brother Alexander (VGR Russian distributor) on regular basis.

It is a blessing to go and browse the new site, "Still Waters." Seeing those photos is just a pleasure for us, to see the young people going the right path. The Lord bless all the administration of that camp and its staff too.

Please, remember us in your prayers. We pray for you too.

The Lord bless you richly.

Brother Sergey