Report From Malawi

It’s exciting to receive a report from Brother Saidi, VGR Office Manager in Malawi. The Malawi countryside is home to some of the poorest and most humble people in the world, but these type of people seem to have the greatest hunger for the Word. One of Brother Saidi’s jobs is to visit these people and make sure they have everything they need to hear the Message with their own ears.

This is his most recent report:

I recently visited a small group of believers in the central region of Malawi. Apart from just playing tapes in their church, these believers have dedicated their lives to go and play tapes of the prophet William Branham in the hospitals around their area.

Their efforts have yielded fruits: salvation and healing has been benefited by the sick people in all the hospitals that they go to play the Voice Of God.

Just by hearing of what they’re doing, I felt very obliged to supply them with a car battery, inverter, solar panel, MP3 player and Chichewa MP3 CD’s. I thought these would charge them with a motivation.

Thank you.


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