Report From Namibia

We received this report from our Namibia office.

Global prayer day

Recently when VGR announced global prayer hour every Saturday, we decided to send the invitation to some of the local churches, just be to be sure they did not miss it perhaps on the internet. Pastor Clint Nicholson, a local pastor in Katutura particular responded very enthusiastically about the whole idea. He promised to promote the idea and to send word to every one he knows.

It seems like the prayer hour has already yielded wonderful fruits in his church: When I called pastor Clint a few days ago he informed me that in the month of September alone, they baptized 34 new converts.

The work amongst Oswimabo speaking people here in Windhoek has received a significant boost in the process. Three missionary-minded brothers from brother Clint’s church, Brother Wakatora, Brother Elias, and Brother German jointly baptized at least 34 school children in Katutura of which at least 30 are able to speak the Oshiwambo language. This is certainly a great advantage to our Oshiwambo outreach and translation work.

The way these brothers go about reaching souls is equally interesting. Brother Elias plays tapes during school breaks, as he is a teacher and has gathered the interest of some of those people that way.

Brother Wakatora is a very on fire young minister, whom brother German won to the Lord a few years back by playing tapes at the school when he was a teacher there.

He came to visit us at the library and told me wonderful stories of how the Lord is undertaking for them. During this December school holidays, he intends to spend time ministering the gospel in Okakarara, in Herero land.

Brother Wakatora is Herero speaking and will be a wonderful asset to the Oshiherero speaking the people of Okakarara.

He told me how the Lord drove out demons in Okakarara on a previous visit and now he is going back there to check on some of the converts he brought to the Lord when he first went there. He told me how troubled he was that those people had to go back to their denominations after his first visit. This time around we have another plan.

I gave him some books and gave him the telephone number of another brother to whom we had send material in the past at Okakarara. If his visit this time around and is as successful as the previous one, we will definitely provide the people he might be able to find with material that will blow their mind plum into Christ.

Please pray for these brethren as they spend their youth working for the Lord. Brother Wakatora will be going to the University next year as he just finished his high school education.

God bless