Seeking God’s Sheep

The population of Namibia is thinly spread throughout the country, making it one of the least densely populated countries in the world. With only two million people spread over almost 320,000 square miles, it takes a dedicated missionary to diligently go into the highways and byways to seek out the Lord’s sheep. Once Brother Abraham Goraseb found the Message, he felt the call to spread the Gospel to those living near his home, in the northern reaches of Namibia. This is a report from Brother Keith Herne, VGR Manager in South Africa, of Brother Abraham’s efforts.


Brother Abraham first heard the Message at a funeral service he attended in Windhoek in 2003, where two brothers were testifying and preaching. He had been in a Pentecostal church at the time. When he went back to Gobabis, in the east of Namibia near the Botswana border, he was surprised to find two more brothers there who were also recently baptized.

Together they started the work in Gobabis. Brother Abraham does contractor work, mostly tendering for cleaning services, and during his spare time he vigorously does outreach work in the whole region. Distances are sometime great between towns and villages in Namibia, but whenever his pickup is in a working condition, he does not mind to travel these distances to reach souls for his Lord.

Ground breaking outreach even to the San Bushmen

Today there are about 30 believers in the little town of Gobabis and they have outreach efforts over the whole of the Omaheke region. Brother Abraham grew up in a home where his grandma spoke Herero, and some other family members spoke Damara/Nama. He also learned Afrikaans and English at school level. This made him perfectly suitable to reach people in this area where Herero, Damara/Nama, and the Boesman [Bushman] language is often spoke in the Kalahari desert areas. Yes! He has been able to lead a few Bushmen of the San tribe into the Message of the hour.

He often travels to small towns around Gobabis and towards the border post where he does outreach among the farms and other places, trying to win souls for the Lord. The Lord is blessing his work, as there are a number of believers, and some of those are waiting to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Among them are San Bushmen.

Our Help

We have provided brother Abraham with all the Afrikaans book material available and also with a complete set of Afrikaans tapes. Recently we also provided him with a MP3 player and Afrikaans MP3 discs, which is extremely important for him since he often is unable to visit these people on a regular basis. But thanks be to God for the vision of VGR and it’s supporters, who are making available the pure Word in written and audio format, whereby Brother Branham can be the preacher for these people, so that their souls, even in the Kalahari desert, can be fed daily. In the future, we would love to visit all these areas outside Gobabis where Brother Abraham works, and experience first hand some of the far off distances this Message goes to get the Bride. We would also like to meet some of the San Bushmen he had been able to lead to the Lord.