And first I'd like to explain maybe what a paradox is. In the Webster's dictionary, it says that a "paradox" means "something that's incredible, but true." That is a paradox. Something that's almost completely out of reason, couldn't be so but yet it is, that's a paradox.

61-1210 Paradox

We received this testimony from Brother Ravi Lall, one of the VGR translators in India.

My wife had gallstones for two years. Doctors suggested the only possible treatment was surgery and removal of gall bladder, but I believed God could do the paradox.

Recently she had a severe pain in epigastria. I put the prayer cloth on her stomach and prayed. The next day she had an ultrasound scan done to see the status of stones. The stones had vanished.

I got it confirmed again from a reputed ultrasound scan center in the town, and they also reported that there were no stones in the gall bladder.

I believe it is the same quickening power that was there on Elisha. The quickening power was still there on the bones of dead Elisha, which brought a dead man to life. The same quickening power which was there on the prophet had done this paradox.

So praise God for this paradox.

Ravi Lall