The Machine

There are no “big me’s and little you’s” in God’s Great Machine. Each of us has a part to play, whether it’s the mainspring or a simple little shear pin, the great prophetic wheels cannot run without every part working in order.

We received the following letter from a brother in Uganda, who would like to give each lever, cog, spring, and shear pin, his personal gratitude for sending him the Message.

Only believe greetings my precious sojourners! I am happy again by the grace of God to write to you once more after a time. I am so happy that the LORD still gives us breath to faithfully contend for the faith that was delivered to the old-time saints. Hallelujah, I am so privileged together with you saints to be called in such a corrupt generation.

Of recent, the request of MP3s was served to us. I am so happy for them fellow believers who have denied themselves some money to just serve the BRIDE. Through your office, I would like to thank them all for this great touch and concern as by the Master's work. I am happy too for the TABLE software and all the concern about hearing the WORD of God.

I am requesting you too to pray for the little work we serve here, by the grace of the Lord. I had a conviction for praying for the BRIDE of the LORD, and as I go on, the burden here looks greater and greater. We are now just depending on the LORD and His help accompanied by HIS sovereign grace. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.