The New Life

Each of us has a unique calling in our lives, whether it is farmers, mothers, mechanics, or pastors, but we all have the commission to spread the Gospel. The Lord called Brother Matsuib while he was in a Namibian prison cell. He recognized the Voice of the Lord, and wanted everyone to hear the Message that brought him to Jesus Christ. He became a VGR librarian while in prison, and upon his release, continued his work in the highways and byways of the shantytowns of Namibia. We received this report from our office in Windhoek.

The New Life

When Joseph Matsuib went to prison, he never thought life would smile on him again. Like all of us who have been slaves to Satan and been put to shame by the god of this world, he too found out what a evil leader Satan is. Satan has no good intentions for us, and when he leads us, it is only to lead us into trouble. But we thank God that He sent Jesus our Lord, to come set the captives free.

We thank God too that He send us Elijah the prophet in this age, to set the captives free by the power of God. By the providence of the Almighty, Brother Matsiub, like us, met with the work of the messenger of this age, and Jesus transformed his life, like He did for us, from troublemakers to model citizens. Some of us are so lucky that we find God in church, others find Him on the byways and the sideways, others find Him in terrible places. Jesus goes anywhere to find a soul. Main thing is we must find Him, or rather allow Him to find us by answering when He calls.

After listening to God calling through the messenger of this age, Brother Matsuib became our librarian at Hardap prison, and shared this precious material with many others while in there.

Today he has a small upholstery business and is ever so zealous for the Lord. He uses his time in the early morning to preach through the half-miler on the street to others in the shantytown, so they too might come to the knowledge of the truth. To help him, we provide him with material and lend him the office half-miler, so others might find the same new life he has found.

Thank you so much for the materials you provide for us, and the world.

The Message is going out in Namibia and the Voice of God is being heard.