The Wild Stare

I thought, "Now, he's a rancher; he understands his business." I said, "Jeff, why would you... What is the qualification? She's a Hereford. That one sold awhile ago for $300, to me, looked like a bigger calf and everything."

He said, "Look, Billy, there's one thing you do not understand in cattle buying." Said, "I think you ought to hold to your road preaching." But said, "You don't understand cattle." He said, "Now, look at that calf down there." We walked down there. Said, "See that wild stare in her eyes?"

I said, "Yeah."

Said, "Her children, and her grandchildren, and her great, great, grandchildren will still have that wild stare." And said, "They'll run theirself poor. They'll never be a mother to their calves." And said, "You never could fatten them; they'll never make beef." He said, "Look at this little calf here that's sold. Look how gentle she looks. Look at that peaceful look in her face, that kind look, no stare in her eyes." Said, "She'll be a real mammy to her calf; and her calf's calf, and calf's calf will continue to be that way." And said, "They'll all of them be mammys, if they can get the right kind of a breeder bull to that calf (See?), that'll make their children. But that starey look in the face will always make a poor herd of cattle, if a man's trying to buy cattle."

I said, "Yes, sir. Thank you."

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Some testimonies bring tears to our eyes, others put a smile on our faces. Some inspire us, and others leave us thinking about the deeper meaning. Then, there are testimonies like this one from a sister in northern Mexico that make us smile, then laugh, then sit back in our chairs and think. Get ready, because you are going to enjoy this one.

May God bless you! I am Sister Basilia, but everybody calls me “Sister Chila.” I am a believer of the Message of the hour and attend a church in Manalisco, Jalisco, Mexico.

I would like to share a testimony that was something supernatural and outstanding for me. I hope the believers that read this testimony can be blessed by it.

I live on a ranch and we breed animals. A certain day, I bought a 15-day-old she calf for milk production. Since I brought it to the ranch, I noticed it was a hyper and restless animal. She was naughty and aggressive with the people too. We had to keep her away from people, using a long stick or she would attack them.

Three years passed and strangely enough, she never had little calves of her own. She had that strange, nervous and wild look in her eyes, just like the prophet spoke one time about the animals in Mr. Jeff’s farm.My mother is old and had been ill lately so she likes to get out of the house in the morning to enjoy the sun and read a sermon book from God’s prophet, while I prepare the meal. A certain morning, I heard her screaming as she saw the cow coming towards her. She has problems walking but she managed to escape into the house where I received her into my arms. Well, the cow had come to the chair where my mother was sitting, and she grabbed the sermon book she was reading and started eating it! I cried and ran after her and she ran too with the book in her mouth. I called out to her, “Poncha, Poncha! Give me the book!” But the cow swallowed the whole book in spite of my cries.

Dear brothers, what I am telling you is the truth and I say it in the Name of the Lord; the calf (from that very day) changed her ways completely. She is now the most calm, loving and humble animal that you could imagine. Later, she got pregnant and is expecting calves very soon. She is not the dangerous creature she used to be.

I just cannot comprehend the effect that the book caused in her, but it did. You be the judge in this case, but, as for me, I know the Lord has the power to do this and more.

May God bless you!

Your sister from Mexico