The Deep Calleth

We received this testimony from a Canadian brother who saw the Lord in action with his own eyes, and believed. He received what he asked for.

I would like to say that the gracious God of heaven delivered me from a terrible battle of smoking about seven years ago. I was smoking up to two packs of cigarettes a day and a can of chew. I bought and chucked out a pack of cigarettes almost every day for weeks and months, and my wife was getting plenty mad with all the money I was wasting. I told her she did not understand, and that it was an evil spirit that I was in constant battle with. At that time I had ordered MP3's and the "Deep Calleth to the Deep" video.

I put "The Deep Calleth to the Deep" in the player and watched it. Brother Branham was praying for the lady. I finished watching and said to the Lord, in a prayer-like fashion, that I believe that same HOLY SPIRIT that was on our prophet back then in that prayer line healing people was just as alive today as it was back then, and could deliver me from smoking, and that when I woke up the next morning, I would never have a desire to smoke ever again.

A few days later a thought came to me like, “Where are your cigarettes?” I had not even realized I did not smoke anymore. I had totally been delivered of them after about twelve years of fighting.

I do not serve a fairytale God. I serve a living God that wrought His love letters in my BIBLE and He sent a prophet with "Thus Saith The Lord" in MP3 and video. Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

Perhaps you could give this to someone, maybe in jail or something like that so it could encourage them to believe, if it is not to much hassle or trouble. Thank you and God bless you ALL for the work you do.

A brother from Canada

Yes, brother. It is no trouble at all. It is encouraging many people at this very moment.