He Answers Prayer

We received this testimony from a brother in Brazil.

God bless you dear brothers. I felt to send this testimony in praise of the Mighty God, a living proof that the God of Brother Branham is among us. My father has always been a firm believer in this Message, always had good health. One day I came home and he was quiet. We asked him what was wrong, he could not pronounce the words right.

He tried to eat and we realized he could not take the spoon to his mouth. I got out and started crying because I knew that considering his age and the symptoms, it seemed a stroke.

We took him to the doctor and it was confirmed: a stroke (severe cerebral stroke). A nephew who speaks English was visiting us. He called VGR and asked for prayer. The doctor had said that the case was irreversible, but thank God he began improving, and within one month, he was cured.

Today he is strong. This happened four years ago. In June he turns 80. We are one big family, 10 children, over 20 grandchildren and great-grandchildren; all believe this Message. God has done so much for us that would take too long to tell, but in Eternity, we will have this time.

Brother Jairo