Young Sister Claudia

Fifteen year-old Claudia captured our hearts about this time last year when we published an article about her fight with a rare disease. She initially lost movement in her limbs and was having trouble breathing. Brother Jefte, her father and the VGR office manager in Penco Chile, brought her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. Often, this disease results in permanent paralysis. For survivors, it often takes years to recover. The following is an update from Brother Jefte:

Claudia Quian a Year After

It is strange how different things or situations look from a distance. The memory of a test or a difficult trial in life is something that sure all of us want to forget. A feeling of sadness and fear makes us to even dread the thought of it. It is natural and a part of our human makeup.

However, the Word of God, in Its wisdom tells us to forget not all His benefits. There is something about remembering being in the middle of a hurricane in life and seeing the hand of the Lord bringing us out of it like a father to a child.

It was February 6, 2011 when a normal Sunday morning, just before the service, turned into a nightmare when we saw our daughter, Claudia who had just went to bed with a mild back pain the night before, waking up completely paralyzed from the neck down. It was an incredible feeling to see how her arms and legs were numb and lifeless.

The following weeks that she was at the hospital in the intensive care unit were terrible as well. The doctor had told us that a respiratory or cardiac failure was a present possibility at any time. This was one of the transverse myelitis effects on the body.

After a few weeks that seemed like months, the doctor told us to get prepared for the recovery and therapy that could last years with great chances to never recover the normal movement in hands and feet, as this illness is invasive and destroys nerves and muscles.

It was then that the Word resounded in my heart. I could hear this Bible quote, “Son, you have always been with me and everything I have is yours.” I cried to Him and said, “Lord, I believe it and I know healing belongs to You. Let it be known that You are God.”

After two months, Claudia was recovering the movement in her hands and feet. After three months she was back in school using a wheelchair for the first month and a crutch the following month. The movement in her fingers was almost the last step to recover, and what a joy it was when she started playing her bass guitar again. The first service was a thanksgiving occasion for all our family. She was back in her post of duty again.

Today, a year after that situation, a full circle has closed and we can only thank the Lord for His grace and all of you that accompanied us in thoughts and prayers. We could literally feel waves of strength coming to us to endure the trial. What a weapon are the prayers of the saints! Even the doctors recognized a higher power working for us!

Claudia looks completely fine and lives a normal life. She lost the feeling of her right arm and leg but can move these normally. This, according to the doctor, will be the only remaining or memory of her sickness. We believe this memory is good. We will sure remember this for a long time. Again, thank you for all your prayers for our daughter, precious brothers and sisters.

God bless you!

Jefte and Claudia Quian