Malawi Office Construction

VGR has about 50 foreign offices. Why are our overseas offices so important? First of all, they give us distribution points where we receive large shipments from our Jeffersonville headquarters. The managers are in constant contact with the local pastors and believers and can relay needs, questions or concerns immediately to VGR in Jeffersonville.

The offices usually have a warehouse and a place where large trucks can easily drop their cargo. The Message material can be sorted and repacked to be shipped to VGR libraries, churches or even individual addresses. Some offices, like Kinshasa, Congo or Harare, Zimbabwe, are huge with multiple employees serving many thousands of people. Other offices, like the one in Manila, Philippines, are strategically located and contain state-of-the-art recording studios, where multiple languages are recorded for several different countries. Each office is a hub for distribution, but also has special functions that are unique to the countries it serves. One important function of our offices is to give the believers a neutral place that they can call their own: a place that is dedicated to meeting the needs of the people within that country.

These offices give us easy access to the local believers, allowing us to be of service in many ways; whether it is assistance with a natural disaster or in our primary goal of feeding the world with God’s Spiritual Food.

The East-African country of Malawi has a growing number of about 30,000 believers, speaking both Chichewa and English. We established our first office in that country in 2002, but the work has quickly outgrown our facility. Over the past couple years, the Malawi pastors and churches have put their resources together to build their own VGR office. The little lighthouse is starting to take shape. It will have a display area for the available Message materials, a large warehouse, a sitting area to read and listen to Brother Branham, and ample space for us to do our work.

Brother Saidi is the manager at the Malawi office; he is a busy man normally, but now has added the oversight of the construction on to his workload! (In addition to working on translating sermons into the Chichewa language, overseeing translations in the Chitumbuka language, providing printed books and MP3 CD’s to the pastors, churches and believers he is responsible for.) He also has made many trips with the “Tape Boy” Brother John Katyale to assist him with his outreach work of trying to bring lost souls into the kingdom.

And remember, these tapes are played back in there. The Message you're listening to here is played back in there, by hundreds of missionaries taking these tapes and playing them back in there, and interpret It to the people.

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