The Five Kings

Does God work miracles today? If you read your Bible then you know that God has performed miracles from Genesis to Revelation, and today, He still heals all our diseases (Psalm 103:3). We received the following testimony from a brother in Cameroon.

Dear VGR.

It’s really a privilege for us to write to you again in this New Year. We’re doing very well by God’s grace and we’re at our post of duty serving Him at the best of our understanding. Just to share a testimony with the Bride of Christ showing that He’s just the same God.

On the month of October, my grandmother went in our family home from the village, very sick. We went to the hospital and the doctor said it was a cancer of the breast, at an advanced level. And this cancer had five tumors at her armpit. So my wife and I, we began to pray asking God what would be His leadership because the doctor said that operation was the only way for her to escape. But some friends of my parents advised them not to do that because she was old and she would not be able to stand after such an operation.

We waited upon the Lord to reveal us His will for that. I guess the 11th or the 12th of October, during our evening praying time (wife and I), as I was reading Joshua the 10th chapter and the 24th to the 26th verse (where Joshua and Israel had defeated and killed the five kings), I heard a sweet voice telling in my heart, “These are your five kings.” So I told to my wife, “Let’s go to pray for grandmother.”

I went and testified to my whole family about the ministry of Brother Branham and the commission that the Angel gave him and the promise that if he could bring the people to believe him, nothing shall stand before his prayers. I told them how many thousands and thousands times the Lord never failed to keep His promises to His servant. And then I told them about many cases like the congressman Upshaw, the Indian boy in Durban, and so forth. Then I stated them that the same Jesus who made the promise is still alive and willing to keep His Word for us, if only we’re able to believe. I told them that me, I believe It with all my heart. The Lord blessed those words and they all agreed.

My father and my junior brother follow me in my grandmother’s room to pray. I testified to her too, and my father was translating in my mother’s tongue. We prayed for her after I explained to her how the prophet told about Demonology, after receiving prayer and how she should be positive and testifying against all the symptoms.

The very next day, or two days after, my wife was home and she needed to listen to a tape. But she wanted to hear a tape which date was the same that the current day but it seemed like she was led in another way to listen to The Greatest Battle Ever Fought. She then heard the prophet speaking about a holiness preacher whose wife was suffering from the same kind of cancer and how her husband prayed in the room in the hospital before the operation, and how the merciful Hand of the Lord removed the whole thing without any mark.

She told when I came back after the work, and we were so happy because it was the answer of God for our prayers. The evening at our family prayer, I testified about it and told them that there is nothing by chance for God. So two or three days from that, the lump’s size decreased in a very outstanding way as I told to my family that the prophet taught it. All of them wondered about it and they really praised God for that. I warned them that if the first words of the prophet were vindicated as the Truth, then the next also will be vindicated as the same. That the thing will seem to grow again and it came to pass just exactly as Brother Branham told it.

When it happened, they began to weep and told me when I went back home that grandma’ would die and so forth. She had lost a very big quantity of blood and they were all desperate. The Holy Ghost remembered me the words of the prophet and I told them that it was the very sign that she’s healed. After that, my father and I went in her room to pray with her and encourage her to stand with Faith in this crucial time.

The Lord helped us as He provided for her a nurse, which is a Christian, and he really helped her to stay with the Lord, and he prayed with her before any time he changed her bandages. One day when my parents waited and waited and it seemed like nothing had changed, they decided to bring her back to the hospital to see if the sickness had not progressed.

The doctor after examinations told to my father that it hadn’t any metastasis! He told me that it was unexplainable for a cancer of this stage. My father praised God for that but they still told that we should remove her breast. I told them that she was already healed because God performed all the healing signs and that it was settled, we just had to keep believing it! Some days after that, after they went to the hospital, she fainted and was ready to die, she stopped eating and anything else. Then my junior brother told me he prayed and asked God to do something to show him that He was still alive. The surgeon told them she wasn’t able to perform the operation, but she would speak of the case to some Polish surgeons that went to help her to see if they could her.

When they came back, as the nurse came to remove the bandages on the lumps. he noticed that the five ganglions of her armpit had begun to rot! He called my brother and they knelt down and thanked the Lord for that. Then they called my father, and he went and saw and rejoiced exceedingly.

I went back this evening and they testified to me about the rotten cancer. I told them that I had always believed that from the very first day we prayed for her. It continued like this for one or two months, to rot in a progressive way. Every day the nurse came and removed the rotten part and changed the bandages. Until it totally finished, as one day he opened the remaining wound and removed the very nucleus, and it too was rotten to the core. Hallelujah! Cursed by the Power of the Almighty God, revealed to us by His prophet.

One day I spoke with this nurse as I was burning to do it. And he told that in all his career, it was the first time he saw God defeated a cancer of this kind in a such short period of time. I asked him if he knew Brother Branham, he said, “Yes I buy every book of him that I can find.” I told that there is a whole library full of books that he can have freely and I gave him the book “Do You Fear Cancer?” He was really happy.

Now my junior brother has given his heart to the Lord Jesus and has being baptized in His precious Name. My grandma is still at home and she’s very healthy, working around the house! Praise our Lord, He’s still the same and we love Him too much.

These are some photos of how the Lord was leading her step by step to the recovery. I found a quote recently as I prayed and asked to the Lord to give me something to send with this testimony.

“…so we do have death under our control, through Jesus Christ Who has overcome, hell, grave, sickness, sorrow, everything else, triumphed over all. And we are now risenwith Him, setting in Heavenly places, spiritually speaking, in Christ Jesus, with all things under our feet…When, as I said, Abraham, see, he was in the promised land; God gave it to him. Lot was taken by some renegades outlaws,took away. That was his nephew. All right. Everything was in that land belonged to Abraham…So he wasn’t a warrior. He never did fight. He didn’t have any warriors with him. He had some servants. But when he seen that something, the Devil, had come and robbed him of something that was a promise to him, he armed his servants and took an arm himself. He didn't know how he was going to overcome this whole company of kings. Just a handful of servants, but God told him how to do it. He divided himself and slaughtered the kings, and come back triumph. Why? He laid his faith upon God’s promise that everything in that land was his, and Lot was part of it, that’s right, was part of the land. Oh my”

62-0513M The Way Of A True Prophet Of God

God richly bless you,

Brother Cyril and Sister Reine NLEND


Note: Brother Cyril sent in photographs of the progression of the healing. The first photograph showed an open wound under the sister’s armpit, about six inches in diameter and about two inches deep, where the cancer erupted through the skin. The next photograph shows a hole about two inches in diameter and a half inch deep. The next photo shows the hole about an inch in diameter and sewn together, but not completely gone. Because of the extreme graphicness of the photographs and the private area on the sister’s body, we will not be sharing them with the public.

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