Shipment To Zimbabwe

Yesterday, we posted the article about shipments to the Democratic Republic Of Congo, and enormous amount of material we send to that country. However, the work in Congo is only a drop in the bucket compared to the millions of Message books and CDs we send around the world every year. Twenty- and forty-foot containers, as well as numerous pallets and tens of thousands of individual boxes are constantly leaving our docks here in Jeffersonville, bound for all areas of the world.

Another container was recently delivered to one of our offices. This time, it was sent to the 35 thousand believers in the southern African country of Zimbabwe. Inside the container were about 160,000 books and tracts, 11,000 8x10 pictures, and 1,400 MP3 sets. There were also a few things that you might not think of, like new fuel and air filters for the VGR truck, a set of tires for the truck and trailer, office supplies, and even two battery-powered PA systems for outside services.