Prison Ministry In Malawi

The following is a report from Brother Saidi, VGR Office Manager in Blantyre, Malawi.

For sometime, all my efforts seemed not to have been bearing fruit until this morning when, at His own appointed time, the prison doors swung open just like that. I can report with much joy that I delivered an MP3 player, Chichewa MP3 CD’s, and a box of Message books to inmates at Malawi’s largest prison.

Believers that are currently serving sentences in the prison have for a long time been requesting Message materials. The inmates have been crying to hear the Voice Of God through His prophet, Brother William Marrion Branham.

The prison authorities always denied me to have an entry into prisons with this valuable cargo until this morning when the Lord softened their hearts and let me in.

Officer in-charge at this prison sent word that I could go and place a library right in the prison for the benefit of all the inmates, including our believing members serving various sentences.

When I arrived at the prison, the big gates opened and I was allowed to drive my truck through. The prison chaplain and the officer in-charge gave me a very warm welcome, and immediately I handed to them the most precious cargo. It is very difficult to get pictures in our prisons, but I was allowed to take a few pictures with the guards and one inmate who represented all the others. This was all an honor to the Message of the hour.

I was then taken inside to see the inmates and I was given a chance to pray for them and talked to them together with the two brothers that accompanied me. They were very happy to hear that I brought books, an MP3 player, and MP3 CD’s, and quickly they started arranging how they would be connecting power to a temporary meeting place, and how the library would be run.

The officer in-charge and the chaplain were very happy and said that they believed that the Message on the CD’s and books would help transform the inmates, and they requested for another set to be placed at the female cells.

I thank God that in 1957 the prophet of God made this prayer:

Forgive us of our stupid ways, our sins. Take all of our transgressions away, Lord. Hide them under Thy Blood. We plead for each other. And we know that in this little building tonight, it's not a very good place, we would say, to come, but You'll come to the humblest home there is. You'd go right into the midst of prisons, and into the barnyards, or pigpens to save a man. You're so good. We love You so much.

57-1213 And Then Jesus Came

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