Heart Attack

We received this testimony from a sister in India.

On 30th January 2011, my husband got up at four in the morning with slight pain in the chest. He remained seated in the chair in the balcony. When I got up at 5:30, he mentioned to me that he was getting pain in the chest region and said that he would just go for a walk outside.

It was quite chilly and so I gave him a shawl and he moved out. I went to prepare the breakfast as my child had to leave for school. On his way back, the pain increased terribly and he started using the Scripture, Lord Jesus I am healed with thy stripes, and managed to climb up the steps to our house and slumped into the chair.

He immediately called me and asked me to get our two children to pray along with us. We did exactly that for some time and then left his side. Daughter went in to call her doctor friend, and I was trying to contact my son who stays in another part of Goa, however both of us could not get through.

But my husband kept insisting that we leave everything else and come to his side, and just continue praying. We listened to him and kept on praying and crying with tears rolling down our cheeks, pleading before our Lord to please take away the pain and breathlessness and heal our Papa.

After a short time from then, my husband felt the pain going downwards towards the stomach region and he felt better and better. At about 6:30AM I called our neighbor the nurse. She advised us to refer him to a doctor. He then had his normal breakfast but did not go to work at his office, but remained home.

He did some work at home but refused to go and see a doctor. In the evening he agreed and I drove him on my scooter. He climbed up a flight of stairs to the doctor’s clinic.

The doctor took his pressure which was absolutely normal, and then he took his ECG and declared that he already had a massive heart attack and asked me to get him admitted in a hospital immediately. He refused to go there then, so I called my son and he told me to take Dad home and that he would take him to the hospital.

At about 9:30PM. my daughter and son got him admitted in the hospital Goa Medical College, and after taking his ECG and making other tests, the doctor declared his condition to be very stable. He was kept in the hospital under observation and medication and discharged after five days.

I would like to give all glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the miracle that took place amongst us. He spared the life of my husband. He is the same living God of yesterday, today and forever.

I request all the saints to please pray that my husband be declared with no blocks in his arteries but is fit and fine and I thank you in anticipation.

Your sister in Christ,


Goa, India