Venezuela Report

Venezuela is usually considered the first country in South America to receive Brother Branham’s Message. The work dates way back to 1965. Currently, there are about 16,000 believers, which makes the office in Barquisimeto very busy. The following is a recent report from Brother Ebrain Tona, VGR distributor for Venezuela.

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

This week we have had a good flow of visitors at the office. Brothers from different places have come to look for literature. Also, some ministers have come here.

It was a good experience to see an old man that came on Tuesday looking for a set of MP3 CD’s. When I gave him the set, he fell on his knees and raised his hands thanking the Lord for this valuable treasure that came to his hands. He said this was a dream come true for him. He also took some books for his personal use. He said he was feeling a strange sensation he could not describe or hold back.

In the past few days I sent three sets of MP3 CD’s to some brothers that have started listening to the prophet. They are so excited about this that they started testifying to others in town and they even baptized the mayor of the city. He was going to get a set of MP3 CD’s.

Today, I will be visiting two or three houses that they will be showing me.

God bless you!

Ebrain Tona