A Finished Work

The Lord sees our small needs just as much as He sees our large ones. This sister had no choice but to put her trust in Jesus. As always, He did not disappoint.

Truly our Lord Jesus is a true living God, the same yesterday, today and forever, and we have a blessed assurance. Things may seem to be impossible for us and other people, but the Holy Spirit's report says it is a finished work. Such a loving God I have. He is even interested in our tiniest things.

I want to just share something with you all, how our Jesus works for His people beyond the rules and all the impossibilities. The other day I was going for my son's admission where the school management was asking me for a lot of money as a donation. Then someone asked me to make a certificate of low income as I’m a widow and do not have a husband.

So I went to the office here to register my husband's death, for which the officials asked me the bribe of 2,500 rupees. As I was coming back, I said to the Lord, “I do not have money. From where am I going to pay for it because it was already eight months that I did not register my husband's death?”

So in that case I had only four months left by law. As I was asking the Lord, a soft voice said to me which seems impossible, “Your Lord can do it. Where you think you do not have money, I have done all the work already. You just have to believe.” And I just believed.

The very next day those officials who were asking me for bribe called me and said, "Madam, come and take your certificate and you do not have to pay any money for this.” He said, “Is your money growing on tree?” I was just not able to believe his words and just started thanking the Lord JESUS, cause He was interested in my case and when it seemed impossible for me, His report said, “It is a finished work.”

I love my Lord JESUS