Still, Small Voice

God doesn’t always speak from a burning bush or a rushing mighty wind. Most of the time, He directs our path through a still, small, Voice. We received this testimony from a Brazilian brother who listened to that Voice.

Let me share a little testimony. Once I was working for a fixed-line telecommunication firm and it happened that one day I was working away from home on the coast and had left my wife and son at home. Well, one day I was doing installation of a telephone line and when I tied the phone cord to the pole, by chance, I put my ladder against a wooden pole.

Across the street there was a building materials company and a truck was being maneuvered to unload. There was a ramp in the place, and the truck tried several times and could not go up due to the weight. At this moment, when I tried to pull the cord, it was jammed into a small branch of a tree. With my strength I could not break the branch without going down the ladder.

At this moment something said in my heart: “Go down there and loose the cord with your hands.” I tried not to listen, but it spoke again: “Go down there and loose it with your hands.”

Well, I thought it would be better to hear the Voice of the Lord. When I came down the ladder and walked about 10 meters, the truck driver failed to stop and hit the pole where my ladder was, threw it about 5 to 10 meters away, and broke it in half. The wires touched each other and caught fire. I crouched near a tree and thanked the Lord for this deliverance. Truly the Angels of God encamp around those who love Him. Amen.