A New Tool

We’ve sent thousands of MP3 players around the world. These little players are great for a small room, but often the group is so large that the volume just won’t go high enough. A few months ago, we found a large, rechargeable speaker with an IPod dock. Not only can this powerful speaker amplify Brother Branham’s voice much farther, but the IPod has enough storage capacity that it can hold all of the sermons. The following is Brother Saidi’s (VGR office manager in Blantyre, Malawi) report of the first delivery of this exciting new tool.

I would like to report that I felt privileged to place the first two battery-powered PA system/iPod docks to two rural churches.

The two groups believed the Message of Brother William Branham by merely listening to a tape that was being played on our local radio station by brother John Katyale. Since then Voice Of God Recordings, through our Malawi office, has been supplying to both groups material to help them continue listening to the Voice that converted their hearts. Both groups have continued to grow in number, making the use of the small MP3 players very difficult since its sound spectrum is too narrow for the large group.

Word was sent to them to get ready to receive some new equipment that had been purchased for their tape listening.

I thank God in Heaven for giving me the privilege and honor to do the delivery of the equipment on behalf of Brother Joseph Branham and Voice Of God Recordings. They were overjoyed and I don’t I have the right vocabulary to articulate the delight that emanated from those poor humble believers. The faith of those humble believers can make one shed tears.

Both groups are very thankful to Voice Of God Recordings for this precious gift and have promised to be good stewards of the equipment and also make use of them to the maximum.

Thank you and God bless you.


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