Has God Changed?

We received this testimony from Brother Isaiah Fonayzi Chah, VGR librarian in Kumba, Cameroon.

When a brother, during one of his business trips around Kumba town, casually handed out the booklet titled God’s Chosen Place of Worship to a crippled lady sitting at her usual roadside business place from where she sells airtime credit for cell phones to passers-by, little did he know that she was one of the predestinated seed for whom the books of the Message of Malachi 4 are intended to reach.

It did not take her any time to finish reading the booklet, and with such interest that she wanted more not only for herself but also for others who pass by...

Her faith became strong, and her zeal burning with the Message of Malachi 4 and soon the pastor of the Central Full Gospel Church in town where she was a member called her to a meeting with the elders of the church. In this meeting, she was confronted on her newly restored faith through the Message of Malachi 4.

They told her that when Paul spoke against women preachers it was for the church of Corinth in those days. Her reply to them was, “has God changed?” On the issue of water baptism, she asked them to show her one place in the Bible in which baptism was ever conducted in the titles of “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Of course they could not show her any scriptures, and later on many of those elders told her that those things are true which she believes.

Her resolve was to leave that denomination with some more people believing the Message of Malachi 4. However, after about a month of witnessing to her Church, the Lord asked her to “come out from among them.” She was recently baptized on the first of March 2012 in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sister Mirabel, though crippled, has firm faith that she shall be made whole of her crippled condition for she believes that by His stripes we were healed.

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