All Things Through Christ

Can the same miracles that happened in Brother Branham’s time still happen today? The answer is a most-certain YES! As you will read from this testimony, our Lord Jesus is still a prayer-answering God.

Precious Brother Valdinei, from the small town of Piedade de Caratinga MG here in Brazil, works with a small pig farm and re-sells the animals when they are still young, as well as when they are grown.

A certain day a man arrived at his home located within the city of Piedade de Caratinga MG, and bought about 23 piglets totaling the amount of R$2,325.00 (1,211 US dollars). Having accomplished the purchase and after having putting the piglets in the truck that would transport them, the buyer took out a checkbook and wrote a check in that amount, and gave it to Brother Valdinei. A few days later, when our brother went to the bank to cash the check, he discovered that it was stolen.

Worst of all was that he did not know that buyer and did not know where he might live: he simply did not know where to begin trying to reverse the loss. He decided then to start looking in the neighboring towns and cities on the same day he learned of the incident. It was three days of much searching, questions, and requests for information, and nothing. But in each stretch of the road that our brother went looking for the swindler’s address, he was glorifying our God and believing he could win in the Name of Jesus. He filled his heart with love and at one point, made a vow to the Lord, believing that God would give him the victory. And so he came home believing that God would touch the heart of the man, so that he would send all the piglets back.

When Brother Valdinei came home and told his wife what God would actually do, send the pigs back, she even joked with him that he believed in Santa Claus, for this was impossible. But soon, on Thursday afternoon, came a freight truck that served the region and the driver asked if Valdinei's home was there. After confirming to him that there in fact was the address he was seeking, he said that a stranger had paid him so he could deliver those 23 piglets to Mr. Valdinei.

Precious brothers in Christ Jesus, that moment our Brother Valdinei was amazed at the sovereign grace of our GOD and his infinite power: all his 23 piglets have been delivered to the door of his house without him suffering any financial loss. This is not believing in Santa Claus, but in a wonderful GOD, Who can do anything and sees everything.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Philippians 4:13