Keep Pressing The Battle

What is the purpose of this website? We want to encourage God’s people to keep pressing the battle, and let everyone know that you are not alone in this world. There is a Bride of Christ standing united on the Word of God and preparing for the Coming of the Lord.

This testimony from a believer in Angola especially touched our hearts.

My Battle

I went for lunch and as I was coming on my way back, my head was surrounded and full of bad thoughts. I was fighting a battle, wondering how to get rid of it. But when I got back to my office, God led me to access branham.org website. I read all the testimonies posted in here, now I am completely free.

And I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us such important tool where we can read things from God and feed our souls. It really works; it worked for me. No facebook, no twitter, or whatever, could have done this.