May God Be Glorified

I want to thank God for answering my prayer request, which I posted on Voice Of God website. My father got sick with an unknown disease in 2010. He complained of a painful left leg, and those who witnessed it said he would even cry when the pain started. He went to the capital city (Harare in Zimbabwe) where he could access better medical care since he stays in rural areas. In Harare, he went through several tests, some for arthritis but all tests were negative, but the pain was still there. This was worrisome to everyone since doctors could not help him without identification of the problem.

The Message is not known in our family except for me and my young sister, but I quickly posted a prayer request on this website. I continued in prayer and also asked other believers to pray with me.

My father decided to go back home, and I spoke to him on the phone and he said to me “maybe you will come home when I am already gone.” I asked him “where,” and he replied that “to Heaven.” My heart sank at the thought that my father had accepted that he will die. To him, he suspected that he was being bewitched.

However, we went back home where I am married since I am studying in South Africa with family. There, my husband asked our pastor to give us one minister (missionary) to accompany us, and he consented to that. Although the devil was not happy by puncturing our car's rear wheel, we managed to reach my father's place.

God had already started to deal with my father. He showed us the place (just above the ankle) where even blisters had previously developed but were now dry. I was already happy to see the positive signs on my father.

I then sat down to talk with my mum and others only for them to tell me of a witchdoctor who had just left and had awed them with her gift. She could tell names of the deceased and so on. What a disappointment it was to me, trying to discourage them was futile and I was left wondering if I should tell my husband and the minister we had. I hated the thought of the possibility that they thought the witchdoctor is the one who had started healing my father.

Fortunately, God had His own way. The brother preached at our home at night and God truly visited us. On the morrow, one of our neighbors told, “If there is any truth, it was that which was preached, and if anyone cannot hear that, they will never hear the truth.” I was so happy to hear such news. We had another service before we left where my father was prayed for among other people. Some parents wanted their children who had gone to South Africa to seek employment and did not come to visit and God honored these request.

Before we left, my father spoke to us, telling us how he appreciated what we had done and in his words he said that we had given him an inheritance (referring to the word preached). He appreciated the Message and said he did not like some Christian women who prayed for him in Harare because they were wearing trousers.

We went back to South Africa with my husband for the whole year and when we visited my parents we met my father on a motorcycle going to his farm on the way. Not only was he healed, but he had even gained weight. He came off the motorcycle and started tramping the ground saying, “I am fit!”

I truly want to appreciate the Voice of God for the prayer request facility. When in trouble, it gives you hope to know that someone, somewhere cares for you. May God be glorified for what He has done to my father. My greatest desire is that may He also save his soul.

God bless you all.

Sister Miriam