Listening To Tapes

We received this testimony from a pastor in Guyana who, over the past couple years, is seeing a change in the flock that the Lord has entrusted to him.

We, the brethren at the Evening Message Tabernacle in Toka Village, have started to give more time to listening to God’s prophet in our services. Of course if he was standing in flesh among us, wouldn't we prefer him to preach? As pastor, my choice is let him preach. And that's what I endeavor to do.

We have been listening to the Message since 1998, one service per week. But for about the last two years we have increased that to three services, and our little gathering of about 100 believers are living better lives.

This proves that it was Jesus that spoke through His prophet and He did it in simplicity. It was while listing to the Message, which I now try to do every morning, that I came to realize in a simple way that it was Jesus that spoke through His prophet. Just in three words, “GOOD MORNING FRIENDS,” our lord said, “I call you friends.” Thank the Lord He has spoken. Our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Eugene Isaac