You Never Know

Jail Testimony

General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012, Brother Alejandro, an inmate at the General Roca Penitentiary and Message believer, received the order to come to the warden’s office as he was sent a box from the Voice Of God Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was the first time that any Message material entered this jail.

At this time of the day there were a group of guards on duty who were known as very harsh and strict officers. Brother Alejandro, fully aware of this, was already expecting more than a few problems, so he went to the warden’s office in fear.

The officers opened the box before his eyes and checked its content. Then, when they were satisfied, gave the box to Brother Alejandro. It was then that one of the officers, the most vicious among them all, asked him to follow him to his personal office. Brother Alejandro knew that many times there they undressed the prisoners and beat them. He entered his office, the officer sat down on his desk and told him in a low and soft voice, almost like a child, “Could you borrow me one of those books?” Brother Alejandro, amazed and shocked by his request, answered him, “Certainly! You can choose anyone you want.” The officer told him, “There is one that called my attention called Why Cry, Speak!” Then, the officer told Brother Alejandro that he was a believer in Christ but he wanted to know more about the Lord.

Brother Alejandro thought he was dreaming and it was a great victory for him right there in the jail; the meanest man in the penitentiary had surrendered before the presence of a Message title. A sermon sent for both the prisoner and the guardian.

Brother Alejandro thanks VGR, Brother Joseph Branham, all the staff in Jeffersonville, and those that make such sacrifices for making possible all these blessings.

Voice Of God Recordings Office

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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