How The Candle Got Lit

Some of us were born into believing families, others came in through witnessing a miracle, and others through a tape or tract. Each testimony is different. This brother in Tanzania was exposed to the Message as a child through his uncle. Long after he left his uncle’s care, the wisdom he had learned came back to his remembrance.

At nine years of my age, I was taken to my uncle who was a primary teacher living in another village. I was taken so that I could study my primary education under his care. Uncle was a believer of this Message of the Lord Jesus through his dedicated prophet Brother William Marrion Branham. So every Sunday we were going to the Sunday school.

After seven years, I completed my primary education and I left everything behind. So I went back home to my relatives to continue with my secondary education, and later on, to college. All my family members except my uncle were Roman Catholic. I was asking them why they’re different from Uncle. They told me, “Your uncle is already lost so don’t think about him.”

I decided not to go to any church because I got confused, so I stayed at home and went ahead with my business even though I got a girlfriend from the Catholic Church.

She wanted me to complete those Catholic processes so that we could get married in the church. I didn’t want to hear anything about church, so I told her that I didn’t have the courage to do that. She said, “All your family are Catholic. Why can’t you do that?” I said, “I don’t want to go there.” She asked, “How are we going to get married?” Then I said, “I will go if your family will accept me,” (but I lied in order to get her). So she lied to her family that I’m a Catholic, and I lied to my family too, so I would complete all process to become a complete Catholic on the day of our marriage.

One day I was planning to go to church (denomination). The same night I got a dream showing me I was moving toward the church, but I found a small group sitting on rocks somewhere under little trees, worshiping. On the side of me, I saw two big and beautiful churches, but I went to that small group at those rocks under those little trees, and started worship with them there.

Often I heard the voice in deepest of my soul telling me to find the Word of God that I left behind with my uncle where I was. In the time of my childhood, that was the only way I would be safe with my family. That voice was coming all the time and telling me that it is the only truth, and that I have to find it.

So I remembered my uncle had several books written by William Marrion Branham. I went to the internet and searched that name. I got several websites speaking about him and several sermons. I went through this website and downloaded some books. I started to find that truth. When I was reading, I heard in my mind the voice like a person teaching me those words. So I got understanding and felt more interested in it.

Then I asked God, “If You are here, tell me where will I get a pastor to pray for me because it’s more than 12 years since I left from uncle’s place (I’m now 29 years old). And it is far away from where I’m working; I’m in the east and he is in the north of Tanzania.

But one day I received the call from one of my old friends, Jona. We were together those times in Sunday school. He said, “We still have a living God!” I asked him, “What do you mean?” He said, “I was dying from a strange disease. My stomach was enlarging every day and the doctor told me that my liver was already shrunk.” So he had to go on a very serious medication. He had no money nor any person to help him. He said that he decided to write a letter to his family that he is going to die any time. But his family informed him that there was a congregation near him. So he went there immediately because God was going to heal him there.

He said he didn’t know even how he could travel to that congregation, but he asked God to help him because he was so weak. After he reached there, God spoke again that he has to repent before he could get healed. So he stepped up to the altar and he repented. Then the pastor prayed for him there. Instantly he was healed and was able to eat food and jump, while before was not able to that; he was in a very critical condition.

Then I told him how I had the voice telling me that I left the truth, and that dream showing me I was moving toward the church, but I found few people sitting on rocks somewhere under little trees worshiping. He told me to keep reading those books; God would find me a pastor who would pray for me.

After some days he called back, telling me that there is pastor was going for missionary trip at one of our coastal regions. It is near to my place where I’m working. So he gave me his number, then I called him. I asked to him that if he could, he should come over to my place. The almighty God made this possible. The brother came with two other pastors. It was very happiest days in my life. I spoke with them and told them what happen to me.

There I got myself crying and I got an opportunity to repent. The pastor prayed for me and my wife also, and we got baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. From there, we had a great time speaking about the Word of God. The three brothers stayed at my place for five days.

Me and family, now we’re serving our almighty God and His Message of the hour through His prophet, Brother Branham. (Joshua 24:14-15)

This website is the blessing website in my life. No more Twitter, no Facebook; it’s Jesus Christ and His Message.

God bless you VGR team for the work that God has given to you.

Your brother in Christ,


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