Zambia Missionary Trip

And while it's daylight, I think this, I keep this in my mind, and it's good for you dear Christians to remember that this is the only time of all ceaseless ages beyond the time to come, that you'll ever have the privilege of working for Jesus Christ. This is the only day. And we don't know whether we're going to be here tomorrow or not. See? So I believe it behooves us to move with all that's in us and do everything that we can.

56-0403 Shepherd Of The Sheepfold

There is a tiny space of time throughout all eternity that the Lord Jesus has given us the privilege of serving Him. What we do with that time is up to us.

Brother Davison Mwanza isn’t wasting a moment. Not only is he a pastor and VGR librarian, but he is also a tireless missionary with a burden for lost souls. The following is a report of a recent trip, where he met the chief of a local tribe and was given an open door to spread the Gospel throughout the area.

During our outreach work in Chinsali District we were privileged to reach Chief Mubanga palace of the Bemba speaking people.

In our effort to take the Message to many villages this Message has never reached, we first had to introduce ourselves to the chief and the Message the Lord has revealed in our day. In the attached photos Brother Mwanza giving Chief Mubanga tape and book messages in his living room explaining to him of the tapes and books. The chief has wholeheartedly welcomed us to preach this Message in his vast kingdom. Already we have witnessed to some people, whom we have given some Bemba translated tapes and books and want us to start fellowship with them every Sunday at Kaso village.

Pray for us that the Lord give us compassion heart for them people that we serve them regardless of the cost. Also the people we have distributed the tracts and books to in some villages including the Chief who is Roman Catholic by faith that the Lord speaks to them.

May God richly bless you.

Your Brother In Christ,

Davison Mwanza